“The  Single Woman’s Proven System for  Attracting Their Ultimate Partner”

Unleash Your Confident, Radiant Self; So you Can Have the Love Life of Your Dreams.

 Are you feeling Lost and hopeless when it comes to finding your life partner who is perfectly matched to you?

You are in the right place if:

  • You are meeting all the “wrong” guys.
  • If you are you struggling with the loneliness of not finding your “one”.
  • You feel burdened by past mistakes and heartache.
  • You feel like you are running out of time.
  • You are afraid that you will be alone forever.
  • You want to Learn how  attract an amazing man!


You might feel like you are doing something wrong. Why are you missing out on intimacy and deep love from a man when others around you seem to find love easily? It hurts, especially when you see your friends getting married or partnering up. You might be asking yourself, “Why not me?” 


  • Have you been struggling with dating and don’t understand what you are doing wrong?
  • Do you find yourself stuck in painful patterns that keep you from the love life you want?
  • Wondering how to communicate to a man so you can have your deepest desires fulfilled?
  • Confused about how men think? Don’t know what they need to open up and commit? 
  • Want to learn how to attract an amazing man WITHOUT compromising or changing anything about yourself?



You are not alone, I have helped 100o’s of women overcome being alone and single in this uniquely, powerful relationship attraction system:




A Fun. Loving. Intriguing. Radiant. Time

See what these happy women have said about the program:



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Once you take charge of your love life, imagine what it will feel like to be sharing your life with an amazing man who is perfect for you. You will feel safe, emotionally supported, connected and joyful; having the deep love in your life that you have always wanted. This kind of relationship is possible for you. Since you are reading this, it is my guess that you know you were meant for more and that you are ready to take the steps now to learn how to attract this kind of love and man. You can learn these easy life changing keys without compromising who you are or changing for a man!

Can you imagine how your life will be when:

  • You know that your ideal partner and the deep love you desires is reachable.
  • You move past your limits and blocks and onto the pathway of true ease around dating and finding your “One”.
  • When you get off the roller coaster of failed and false start relationships and finally meet the right guy.
  • You can fully express who you are with a man and get your needs met.

Women that started off  frustrated and struggling just like you, have achieved all of this by going through the F.L.I.R.T course. And so can you.


My personal journey…..cinthia

My name is Cinthia Dennis. I am a dating and relationship expert. I have helped transform 1000’s of women’s lives through a proven system to go from single and alone to attracting their ultimate partner. I have an amazing life.  I have beautiful friends that support me and I feel very connected and loved.  I love dating and I know exactly how to create beautiful healthy love relationships for myself. 

However, this wasn’t always the case. There was a time, many years back,  that I was consumed by the darkest, deepest depression that I have ever felt when it came to love and relationships.

I had over 15 years of heartbreaking relationships and long bouts of not finding anyone and being painfully alone. I either found men that were not available, or I wasn’t attracted to the ones that wanted to be with me. I was sabotaging all of my chances at being happy.

Not only was I picking men that were not right for me, I was not confident around men and felt that I needed to be what they wanted me to be in order to be loved.

After many break-ups and false starts, I began to feel hopeless and out of control of my life. I wanted to be married. I wanted someone to share my life and dreams with. I began to sink into hopeless despair with an ugly voice in my head saying “You will be alone forever, no one will ever love you.  There must be something really wrong with you.”

I woke up one day and decided that I needed to do something, anything!  I realized that the only person who could make this better was me. I set out to do what I called my “Emotional Boot Camp.” The funny thing is, I already KNEW how to make this love thing better.

I had been making excuses of not enough time or money to not get the help that I needed and learn what I needed to know about dating and healthy relationships. I told myself that I just hadn’t met the right man yet. But time was running out and I was incredibly miserable.

I Made a Commitment to Myself and my Dreams of Amazing Love…

I found help to shift my lack of confidence and negative beliefs about who I was. I set out to learn what men really need and want in a relationship, so I could understand them better. I changed a lot of things in my life to become a good partner for the type of man who was really worthy of me. I made  commitment to myself to be first and foremost my own soulmate.  I took all of my knowledge about  how attraction and connection happens between men and women and set out to create a step by step plan to revamp the way I was being with myself and with men. All of this helped me to get back in touch with who I was and take control of my love life.

During that time something remarkable happened. I began to feel lighter, and began to rekindle the passion I once had for life. I began to climb out of the deep dark pit that I had been living in. I had HOPE!

I started to realize that my relationship issues had everything to do with myself, and my agonizing beliefs about love and my self-worth. The problems in my relationships really stemmed from my lack of valuing who I truly was and caused me to compromise myself and end up with people who were also broken and not really available to have the relationship that I always had hope for. In fact they were my perfect-match for where I was in my life at the time.

When I began to apply all that I knew about healthy relationships  and the dynamics between men and women to my own dating life; I learned to do the feminine dance of dating and it actually became fun instead of heartbreaking!

With my new found joy and passion about my life and who I was, something magical began to happen… Men started to pay attention to me. People on the street all over the place began to say “Hi” and start conversations with me. Men were pursuing me! And not just ANY men, but AWESOME , mature, emotionally ready men. I was confident dating these men. I knew I had a lot to offer them.

I have conscious fulfilling relationships now, and I  have not  lost myself nor have I compromised to be with him.  The number #1 reason why this is true now and only now is because of all the internal work and the commitment to myself to do things differently that got things to shift.

My Mission……..

After finding a step by step system that really works to get you on the right track to attracting and creating the kind of relationship that will support your higher self; I want to share it with all the women that I know that dream of deep love!

If you are ready for the love life you have
only fantasized about:

F.L.I.R.T is for you!

In just 3 weeks you will master the 3 pillars needed
to create a life that you love so you can
attract an amazing man and create a lasting relationship.

What are the 3 pillars for attracting the love of your life?

1. Preparing yourself for Love        

2. Beliefs and Sexy Confidence    

3. The Feminine Dance of Attraction and Relationship Skills 101

 Feminine Dance of Attraction Skills 101:

 Do you know WHAT say to a man to get his attention? HOW do you say it so he doesn’t think you are an aggressive, over powering woman who will scare him away?  Do you know HOW to  have a man feel safe with you so he will want to commit to you and only you?

How do you build attraction in just the right way that gets him to want to pursue you, and be with you forever? So many women make mistakes with how they try to attract a man, that it leaves them frustrated and lost and alone. In the F.L.I.R.T program you will learn how to step into your powerful feminine and learn to dance with what men need that drives them crazy. You will learn the way that attraction works between men and women.

He will see you as a F.L.I.R.T: A Fun loving, Intriguing, Radiant time! Men are designed by nature to be pulled towards the challenge of pursuing a women. But not just any woman.

They want a woman who is unique, strong, feminine and confident; A sassy woman with just the right amount of sass and softness. Let’s face it, even though men by nature want to be the pursuer, they often don’t do it even if they want to because they are so afraid of being turned down.

They don’t often pick up on the clues that women give them to come and approach.

A F.L.I.R.T woman knows how to invite a man to play without coming on too strong. 

Beliefs=Sexy Confidence 

Every woman has the innate capacity to find love and the relationship that she wants. But many women have unconscious barriers to love, men and relationships. These blocks will have them walk around in the world being invisible, neutral or uninviting to men. Sometimes men will even be repelled by these internal blocks that women have. What you believe about yourself will directly affect your confidence and how you behave. It is a never ending loop of belief and response to the world. The number one reason why women don’t find men that are good partners is because they have limiting beliefs about who they are as a person and about what is possible for them in love. Even if you know what your negative beliefs are, you probably have had a very hard time shifting them on your own. They keep you stuck in patterns and feelings that block you from getting what you want.

Limiting beliefs about who you are and what you have to offer will stop you cold from having the confidence to attract men that you want to meet. A F.L.I.R.T Woman is the kind of woman who walks into the room and all eyes are drawn to her because she exudes self-confidence and a belief that she is powerful and deserves love and attention. A F.L.I.RT. woman knows her self-worth when she is in a relationship and never compromises herself.

Not only that, but she knows that men will want to be with her because she is amazing. She knows that the man she is with adores her without a doubt, erasing self-consciousness and insecurity. In the F.L.I.R.T Program, you will be transforming those hidden beliefs about yourself that keep you stuck and those doubts that sabotage your healthy, happy relationships.

Through the use of advanced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Re-Patterning) we will install new positive beliefs about who you truly are.

This is the ONLY relationship program out there that uses the power of neuroscience to re-wire the brain to unblock the heart!

You will unleash your powerful confident self; Opening up a world of possibilities.

Preparing Yourself for Love

Most women don’t realize that the way they are living their life is actually repelling the good men.

So often our lives are cluttered with  things that are unfinished or stressors, drama, toxic relationships and unfinished emotions and pain from past relationships. This kind of environment is not a welcoming space for love to enter into.

Wouldn’t be great to have a clear, clean space for healthy love to come in? In the F.L.I.R.T. Course you will prepare all aspects of your environment, mental space ,emotional space and clean up your past regrets and mistakes so that you are really ready for your amazing man!

These 3 pillars of the F.L.I.R.T course is designed to align your
environment, behaviors, skills, beliefs, identity, and purpose
so that the way will be clear for you to
finally have everything that you want in love!


In the F.L.I.R.T Dating Course for Women You Will:

  • Embody the 3 Essential pillars needed to create a Love Life and a Love of Life.
  • Align your environment, behavior, skills, beliefs, Identity and your purpose so that you will be empowered, confident and ready for love.
  • Transform how your brain might be sabotaging your love life and  change its bad habits, so you can design the perfect life and love.
  • Discover the hidden family contracts that are blocking you and keeping you stuck, alone and afraid.
  • Find out the #1 secret to being powerful and in control of your happiness and love life.
  • Resolve the imprisoning beliefs and feelings about yourself and relationships, so you can finally step into your true potential for great love.
  • Learn the key to easy flirting and getting men to approach you.
  • Learn the secrets to making dating fun and exciting.
  • Find out the mysteries of how men REALLY think and how to communicate with them so you can have what you want.

What You Will Get

When you are ready to commit to your dreams, here is what you will be getting in the program:

  • 3  all day live experiential classes. These in-person group classes are designed to walk you step by step through aligning all the aspects of your life and desires so you can confidently go out and start living your life and love as it was meant to be lived. This isn’t just education, it is transformation.
  • Lifetime membership in an online community and support team.
  • Powerful exercises and real life experiences designed to get your dating life on the right track.


 Bonus #1 

Community and Support

You will have access to a community of women who are all on the same journey as you are. You will be doing weekely check-ins and be set up with a partner to keep you on track and motivated while you start an amazing good habits of self-love and bold confidence.


How much of your life is being wasted by compromising
yourself and what you want?  It is my personal mission to help all women who dream of having deep love in their life to get what they truly deserve! Don’t waste any more of your precious time, take control over your love life now.

The next F.L.I.R.T Course is:

All the material will be covered over 3 Saturdays in a row:

Feb. 24th, March 3rd and March 10th


San Francisco Location

Right about now you are probably saying to yourself:
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